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Self-Heating Hot Pot

Self-heating Hot Pot meals have become a trend in China. They’re not only delicious but also very convenient. This Hot Pot is created by Haidilao, the most famous hot pot restaurant in China, operating in many locations across the globe. They are best known for their top-notch service and the use of high-quality ingredients. Now you can have easy access to this luxury wherever you go.

Hot Pot Soup Base

The soup base is the soul of a hot pot. It can get very complicated if made from scratch, since it requires a handful of spices and special ingredients specific to different regions of China. It’s highly recommended to go with ready-to-use hot pot broth and there are many variations available to fit your preferred flavor profile.
For those that prefer to keep it light, there is the clear broth and the mushroom infused option. For others who enjoy a bit more flavor complexity, try the tomato soup base. Nevertheless, anyone that loves spicy food can venture with the mala spicy option.

Hot Pot Dipping Sauce

Enjoy the delicious and flavorful dipping sauce with the hot pot!

Cooking Seasoning

Tired of making complicated food? Try to make a dish within 5 minutes with Haidilao cooking seasoning!

Instant Rice

Convenience rice is a good lunch option for working people. it is also an option for late night refills and quick travel meals. Easy to store, carry and cook.