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Yihai (US) Food Inc. is committed to offering superior and innovative food products that offer consumers an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine. The company is a subsidiary of YIHAI (SINGAPORE) FOOD PTE. LTD., Yihai (US) Food Inc. aims to be a leader in the ready-to-eat hot-pot market in the United States, and have created and modified hit recipes for mini hot pots, sauces, and soup bases that have successfully penetrated the US market. Indeed, while the company has developed popular products under its own brand, the company continues to be responsible for the production and development of the Haidilao products, and is the primary supplier for the popular Haidilao hot pot restaurants in the United States. The company plans on capitalizing on the proven success of its products in Asian countries to achieve dominance in the North American and international market as well.

Company Management 

The management team consist of individuals who are highly qualified in the food manufacturing and service industry, and can quickly identify and respond to market trends and customers’ demands.  The team also include a skilled sales and logistics team, who are adept at ensuring that not only would the company’s manufacturing partners produce premium products on schedule, but that customers are always confident in the quality and timeliness of their orders. 


Yihai (US) Food, Inc. relies on its partnerships with OEM factories, distributors, logistics companies, and other companies to create a lean organization.  In order to create the best products for its customers, the company carefully selects and vets each company and vendor before agreeing to a partnership.  The company prioritizes cost-control, which is reflected in its streamlined operations and aggressive pursuit of companies that provide premium services and/or supplies at lower costs.


Yihai (US) Food, Inc. predominantly sells hot-pot related products, which includes but is not limited to mini-hot pots, microwavable hot pots, seasoning, dips, and condiments.  The company conducts extensive research into market trends, competitor products, and consumer trends before developing and introducing a product to the market.  The company’s strategy is to be selective about its products such that the company would only introduce products that it is confident would appeal to consumers. Yihai (US) Food, Inc.’s goal is to associate its food products in consumer’s minds with excellence.