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Broth Flavor Hot Pot Soup Base

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Product Highlights

Concentrated bone soup bag, add water to enjoy delicious big bone soup

Select the high-quality jujube and wolfberry, with the soup base, eat the best hot pot


The bone soup is made from fresh pig bone and chicken bone, It tastes delicious and tastes excellent

Very convenient, you can eat it anytime, anywhere


Step 1: Add 1000m-1200ml drinking water (about 2 bottles of mineral water, bone soup or chicken soup is better), pour the product into the pot, and add appropriate amount of scallion and ginger according to personal preference

Step 2: When the water boils, add a variety of dishes, Ready to eat after cooking, You can eat it with hot pot dip for better taste



Brand Origin China
Net Content 110g
Packaging Style Bag
Ingredients Corn starch, edible salt, natural flavor, red dates, alfalfa.



Corn starch, edible salt, natural spices, red dates, wolfberry, etc.



Corn starch, edible salt, natural spices, red dates, wolfberry, etc.


How To Store

It can be placed in the shade at home or in the refrigerator after opening



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