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Spicy Flavor Hot Pot With Vegetables

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  • 【Trending Food】Self-heating Hot Pot meals have become a trend in China. They’re not only delicious but also very convenient. This Hot Pot is created by Haidilao, a well-established hot pot restaurant in China, operating in many locations across the globe. They are best known for their top-notch service and the use of high-quality ingredients. Now you can have easy access to this luxury wherever you go.
  • 【Convenient】 Self-heating hot pot is convenient and quick when you are at home or going for a trip. It is your top food choice for ski trips, road trips,s and more! You only need some water to make the delicious hotpot
  • 【Exquisite packaging】The package is designed by a professional packaging design company. Everything you need is included in one pack (bowls, heating pack, spoon, chopsticks, napkins, and toothpick)
  • 【Ingredients】Lotus root, potatoes, kelp, fungus, bamboo shoots, corn, vermicelli, spicy hot pot base



1. Open the lid and put the ingredients in the white box

2. Open the seasoning bag, slowly pour the material into the white box, then add water to the mark

3. Tear off the transparent outer bag of the heating pack, put it into the black box, Add cold water to the marked line.

4. Put the white box into the black box and cover the lid. The heating pack will start to heat up, and the hot pot will be finished after 12-15 minutes

5. Just need to stir gently, and you can enjoy the delicious hot pot immediately



Brand Origin China
Net Content 410g
Flavor Spicy Vegetable





Lotus root, potatoes, kelp, fungus, bamboo shoots, corn, vermicelli, spicy hot pot base


How To Store

It can be placed in the shade at home or in the refrigerator after opening



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