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Hot & Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base

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Endless stimulation and excitement on your tongue



HAIDILAO Soup Base For Hot Pot Spicy Flavour 220g

When you have family and friends coming over for dinner, a hot pot is definitely the best meal to be enjoyed together! Hai Di Lao Ma La Hot and Spicy Soup Base provides you with a delicious soup base for a great reunion meal! Contains wine. Non halal.


Raw material characteristics

Spices:selected spices recipe, rich flavor
Sichuan Pixian Broad bean paste:particular traditional ferment methods, pure Sichuan broad bean paste, pure Sichuan taste
Selected Sichuan pepper:non-artificial ripening Sichuan pepper, rich flavor
Recommended number:3-5 persons


Product characteristic:

  1. hot oil and stir-frying to enhance málà's flavor and sizzlingly delicious.
  2. Carefully selected spices, to make a flowery, salty, sour, sweet, and smoky flavor
  3. Fermented bean paste, authentic Sichuan flavor;
  4. Sichuan peppercorn, add to the toasty, fragrant flavor, also awaken a passion for this fiery and savory cuisine.



  1. Boil 1000ml water, wait for it to boil;
  2. Add the Spicy hotpot paste, let it simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. Add your favorite sliced meat or vegetables till it’s cooked.
  4. Enjoy Smoky, savory, and spicy meat, the vegetables are crunchy yet tender



Brand Origin China
Net Content 220g
Made in USA
Taste Spicy



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